Iluma Brightening Serum


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Iluma Brightening Serum
Iluma Brightening Serum

Suitable for: Melasma, post pregnancy pigmentation, discolorations, freckles, dark spots, hyper-pigmentation.

A powerful serum packed with citrus-based brighteners and a potent form of vitamin C to help reduce the look of dark spots and discolouration. Azelaic acid gently exfoliates for boosted radiance and glow.

This serum may be used on any skin type, but it was particularly designed to treat skin that is sensitive, easily irritated by environmental factors, or damaged from excessive sunlight exposure. Regular use of this serum will promote brighter skin and a complexion that is free of impurities.

Key Ingredients:

  • Tyrostat - Plant derived botanical from the plant western dock. Tyrosinase inhibitor that has been clinical proven to  shows comparable results to hydroquinone. 
  • Vectorize Technology - Unique complex of active ingredients delivered into skin in a sphere. Prolonged effectiveness and deeper penetration into skin.
  • Licorice Extract - Natural skin lightener
  • Azelaic Acid - Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, cavenger of free radicals, skin lightening agent
  • Synovea (Hexylresorcinol) - Anti-glycation effect, 75% reduction in extracellular melanin, brightening effect compares to 2% hydroquinone

How to use:

Apply to cleansed skin morning and evening.

Iluma Brightening Serum
Iluma Brightening Serum

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